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Specialists in Microsoft software for Property Management

At Dynamics Property we are specialized in developing property management software on Microsoft Technology. We are working with Business Central on the D365 platform. Our solution for property management makes it possible to conduct professional property management inside Business Central. We are focused on optimizing the economic processes of the property manager inside Business Central.

We are the "specialists in the market" when it comes to knowledge about property management, finansiel management and Microsoft Technology.
Competences - Finansiel management, Property management and business central
We believe that local installed ERP environments (onPrem.) will last many years to come, but that the future belongs to "software as a service" (SaaS). We therefore work in both types of environments and help companies getting on a truly Microsoft provided cloud platform to realize the benefits associated with it.
Another of our beliefs is that it is important for all companies being able to differentiate themselves in the market. We believe that creativity is best the way of making business fun and profitable at the same time. Therefore, we also work to embrace and develop special business processes that gives the property management company a competitive advantage.
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Conducting Property Management on D365 in Dynamics Property

"Dynamics Property" is the name of our company and also of our primary solution. We founded our company back in 2017 with the sole purpose to build the most advanced solution for property management in the market on hand of a set of very specific ideas.

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We choose Business Central as a platform, because it is part of the Microsoft D365 platform. That means that Business Central has very strong integration features to the rest of the application portfolio like Word, Excel and Outlook. Because our property management solution is build inside Business Central it shares the "team player" advantages of the ERP-system.

Needless to say all our code is build as extensions, up to date, cloud-ready and is deployed through Microsoft AppSource (Spring 2022).
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Company Management

"Dynamics Property" delivers advanced functionality to assist property management business processes. The functionality is build on top of what we call "company management". It allows to conduct professional property management for clients in Business Central and it addresses the core problem with multiple companies typically found in scenarios with larger property portfolios.

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