You can click on the Rescue Ring for support.

If you already have a TeamViewer installed, then you dont need to install it again. Please in that case have your  your user ID and password ready, Our Phone No. is +45 22 90 08 98. You can also contact us through Teams on

There might be small variations in what is shown on the screen depending on the browser in use and if there is installed antivirus software (a warning might pop-up that needs handled).

Below is shown the process with a "Chrome" browser installed (Danish Language). If you should have problems you are welcome to contact us on: +45 22 90 08 98.

1. Press below button for help
2. Next there will come a screen - choose "open". In certain cases you will need to specify that you would like to keep the file as Antivirus software might block the download).
Teamviewer billede
3. Write your name
Teamviewer indtastnavn
Åbogade 15
DK-8200 Århus N.

VAT No. DK 38 17 78 85
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