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Terms of Sales- & Delivery

To following terms and conditions are apply when working with Dynamics Property. Read Dynamic Property's Sales and & Delivery Terms.

Data Processor Agreement

EUs Personal Data Regulation (GDPR) Directive was effektive by May 2018. Besides our "Sales and Delivery Terms" the "Data Processer Agreement" is part of the collaboration Conditions. A Data Processer Agreement is an agreement between two Parties. A Data Responsible (you as a Customer) og a Data Processor (Dynamics Property), if the Data Processer is handling Personal Information on of behalf of the Data Responsible. Dynamics Property will therefor be a Data Processor in relation to you as a Customer, because the Systems to a huge extent contains information about Customers, Vendors, Contact Persons and so forth.

By clicking the following link an English Version of the Danish Data Processer agreement will open. If systems are sold in other Countrys than Denmark . that Countrys specific Data Processer agreement will be applied instead.  The Template attached is created with a Template from the Official Danish IT Trade Association.

As Part of the Data Processer Agreement you must make a Data Entity Registry.  A Data Entity Registry is a Data Overview over with Objects in the hvilke objekter in the Solution that might contain personal Information. In an ERP System it will often be tables as: Customer, Vendor, Contact, Employee, Tenant, Address and Resource. It is your obligation to maintain the registry. It is best practice not to commit personal sensitive data in Remark Fields that is available in all tables in Business Central, and the should be made an written Statement to the Users about where person Sensitive Data should be entered in the Solution.

Microsofts Terms


For information that relates to Microsofts politiks regarding GDPR we advise you to visit Microsofts home page at https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/trustcenter/privacy/gdpr/gdpr-overview or to https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/trust-center/, hvor Microsoft egne declarations can be accessed.

Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)

Dynamic Property ApS Purchases Business Central licenses Through QBS. To accept Dynamic Property as your  Cloud Solution Provider, you must be an Administrator of your Companies Dynamics 365 Installation. Du follow below sequence for that:

Step 1: Click here link retailer agreement between QBS og Dynamics Property.

and accept Dynamics Property (og QBS) as Collaboration Partner.

Step 2: Click here to get the  link til for a Retailer Agreement with Dynamics Property.

(The Last link contains Dynamics Property as Collaboration Partner. Often will step 2 not be necessary )

Microsoft license Terms for Software

The License Terms for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central On-Premises (on English) can be found here here. The License Terms for Microsoft for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 can be found here.
The Document describes Microsofts standard Licensing Terms for Different Microsoft Products, Below you will find the Terms for the Latest versions & Business Central and Dynamics NAV. If the Version is not on the List, Please feel free to contact Dynamics Property.

Microsoft Online Service Terms

The License Terms defines the Terms for those products and Services you purchase through the Microsoft Volume Licensing-program. The Conditions are continually updated and can be found on this Homepage: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/licensing/product-licensing/products


When you visit our Website Data are collected about you. The Data are used to customize and improve our content and to add value to the commercials that are shown on the page. If you don't wish data are collected please leave our website and delete your Cookies. Below we have elaborated witch informations are collected, their purpose and 3. part companies having access to the data, Cookies are small text files that are stored on your Computer and they cannot include damaging Code as an example a Virus,

It is Possible to delete or block for cookies. If you delete or Block cookies commercials could be less relevant for you and appear more often. You might also risk that the Website does not function as intended and you might be excluded from content.

The Website contains cookies from 3. part vendors just to mention the most frequent one:

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Personal Information

In General

Personal Information are all kinds of information that to some extend can be related to you. When you use our website we collect and processes such information. That could happen if you use our services, ex. subscribe to our newsletter or by filling in a form, or of a Purchase of one of our Services. Names and Phone No., Email Adresses are only stored if you provide them by filling in a form.

Typically we store a unique ID and technical data about your computer, tablet or mobile phone. Your IP-number and/or where you are sited. And to that extend you give us permission to it by filling in one of our forms.


The Informations are used to identify you as a user and show you the avertissement that properly will be the most relevant for you, registering your purchases and payments and to provide the Services you have ordered. Beside that we use your information to optimize our websites services and content,

Period for keeping Informstion

Informations are stored according to current legislation og we delete them when they are not necessary longer. the Period is determined by the information type and the background for storing them. Therefor is not possible to give an exact indication of when they are deleted.

Passing on Information to others

Data about for usage of the website, witch advertising you receive and click on, where you are placed geographically, you gender and to witch age segment you belong to is passed on. You can see witch 3. partys that are relevant in the above section regarding Cookies.

We utilize a set of 3. parties for storage and processing Personal Data. They only process those information on our behalf and are not allowed to utilize them for own purposes. Passing on informations like e-mail address and name and phone number will only happen if you give an explicit permission hereto.
We only utilize dataprocessers in the EU or Countries that gives sufficient data security to your Information.

Insight and Complaints

General terms

You have the right to know witch personal information we process about you You can at any point in time object against the processen of your Data. You can also recall your consent that informations relating to you are being processed,

If the data we process you are wrong then can demand those informations deleted or corrected. If that should be the case send an e-mail to info@dynamicsproperty.dk. If you want to make a complaint about our way of processing your Data you are also welcome to contact the Danish authorities, ex. "Datatilsyn".


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