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Software for professional Property Management

Dynamic Property’s solution focus on optimizing the Business processes in the Area of Property Management on an open inclusive platform.

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Effective Property Management

Dynamics Property is an effective solution for conducting Property Management on the "Dynamics 365" Platform. Bookkeeping, Controlling and Property Management is performed in the same system - "Business Central". As Master Data and Transactions are placed within the same application the System has a high degree of transparency and smoothness in the Daily Work Processes.

"Dynamics 365" is Microsofts platform offer for Business Applications. "Business Central" is the Platforms ERP system for small and medium Sized companies. Dynamics Property is a "Business Central" App so that Property Management is available inside Business Central and works in blended in with the ERP systems other areas.

The solution differs from other Solutions in the marked as is tries to optimize the Value of all Activities in the Value Chain of the Property Management Department.

It is an advanced and highly configurable solution adaptable for many Property Management Scenarios. The Solution assists conducting Property Management in multiple areas ex. Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Mixed Use.

Microsoft basered platform, as part of the "Dynamics 365" platform the Solution works perfectly together with the Office365 Family. It is the perfect Teamplayer.
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Because Masterdata and Transactions are placed inside the same System you will only need to work inside one Application and that is Microsoft Business Central.
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Handles all Property Types, ex. Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Mixed Use.
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Company Management. Can handle multiple legal entities inside a single Company through the Company Management functionality to avoid process fragmentation.
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Payments utilize Business Centrals Features to collect Rent, utilities and so forth.
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Define your own Data Fields on Property, Tenancy and Tenant. That way you can register what ever you need in the system.
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Checklists with Templates. Keep Track on the progress in the Business Processes and Document "Compliance" to Guidelines.
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The Structure is Client, Property, Tenancy and Tenant. Amounts to be collected are registered on the Tenancy and variations are registreret on the Tenant.  
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Collections can be created and adjusted ahead in time. This is important as Property Administrator can plan ahead.
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Property Taxes can be collected and escalated,. Also with effect Back In Time. Deposits and Prepaid rent can be made dependent on the rent and the escalated can - if necessary -be collected in Rates.
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Utility and Distribution Settlements from Tenancy Date can be made within the Solution.
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Key Figures can be setup and calculated on the Fly. Vacancy Percentages can as an example be set up on the Tenant List.
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Late Note Processes and Letters can be defined in multiple Levels.
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Tenancy Contracts can be uploaded to the System, so they easily can be generated in an consistent and error free Way.
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Flexible Mail Merge. Templates collections that can be assigned to each Property and triggered at Contact, Client, Property, Tenancy and Tenant level.
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Get up Running Quickly, as the Solution is delivered pre-configured.
(Country specific adjustments to the Configuration might be needed)

Trial Period

"Business Central" and "Dynamics Property" will soon be available for a test drive for a 30 days trial period. If haven't got  "Business Central" yet, you could start by downloading a trial version at Microsoft by clicking here (a new tab in the browser will open).

When released you will be able to install "Dynamics Property" from Microsoft AppSource, also soon in a 30 days trial period. We will assist you when installing the product and give you a short introduction so you get up running in the right way.

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The Solution

Our goal is to optimize the activities in the Company Value Chain from "A" to "Z". As an example that also includes the reception of Purchase Invoices, Maintenance Budgets and Reporting/Business Intelligence.  The Solution is targeted at Professionelle Property Managing Companies looking for a Microsoft based platform for conducting Property Management and sees the Cloud as a way to fuel cross company Business Processes .

Through Microsoft's AppSource Dynamics Property can be requested and installed as an extension to Business Central.  

Interested - You are welcome to contact us for a free trial period of 30 Days - no Strings attached!

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The Platform

"Dynamics 365" is Microsofts Cloud based Platform for Business Applications. "Office 365" is a part of "Dynamics 365". Business Central is a Microsoft ERP-system for small and medium sized Companies.

Dynamics Property is an App for Business Central, and can be installed from fra Microsofts AppSource through your Office365 Subscription.

The Solution can be delivered onPrem and as a Cloud/SaaS Solution.

"SaaS" means "Software as a Service". That implies that you always are upgraded and rely on a shared security model provided by Microsoft. The Solution runs on på MS datacenter. Microsoft handles security etc. The Microsoft Office 365 is an Excellent Teamplayer for Business Central with out of the Box integrations.

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The Choice

Should the Solution be delivered as an "on Prem." Solution or utilized as a Cloud Service ("SaaS")?

"On Prem." gives the Customer full control. Building integrations to elder critical system is often easier when the Solution is Hosted. But updates don't come automatically and implied Workload equals Cost! On Prem. the Integration to the rest of the public Cloud is typically not that smooth as the credentials models differ.

As a "SaaS" Solution updates comes automatically both for Business Central and for Dynamics Property. Special cloud rules apply for coding that gives some restrictions.

Our advise must be if you for some reason are going for an "On Prem. Solution" then the software you choice should be "Cloud Ready" anyway! In that way you might chose the "Cloud Way" as elder Legacy System are replaced over time.

In our opinion "SaaS" will prevail in the long run as cost of Ownership in combination with the possibility continuously add functionality is a better choice then the On Prem. approach where system tend to degrade over time.

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"Fullfilled our Expectations"

J. Hald Nielsen (CEO), Jysk Byggeteknik Esbjerg ApS

Do you want to know more?

We expect the solution to be ready on Microsoft AppSource Spring 2022. But we are able to present the processes and the possibilities in the Solution right now!

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